There is no better feeling than witnessing someone have a breakthrough moment — and that’s why I teach. Whether you’re a professional needing to keep your instrument fine-tuned, prepare material for a big audition, or a beginner eager to learn — I want to help YOU be YOUR BEST artist and musician. I tailor my lessons to fit your needs and goals, while exploring musicality, healthy vocal technique, musicianship, expression, practice methods, and performance.


Voice Lessons
Audition Coaching and Prep
Songwriting Lessons
Piano Lessons
Vocal/Songwriting/Audition Workshops or Masterclasses
Musical Devising for Theatre Ensembles.

Lynda holds Teaching Artist positions at:

Manhattan Youth
Greenwich House Music School
New York City Children's Theater


“Lynda's personality, knowledge, and joy for music make her lessons so advantageous. Beginning music much later than most created a disconnect with most of my previous teachers; where I found Lynda to be very relatable and open. I never quite found a teacher as dedicated to making me into a great musician or even learning about what music interests me. As well, every lesson is structured perfectly so there's the right amount of review from previous lessons and then tons of new information. I fully believe that next lesson Lynda will have a custom set of exercises and techniques to help improve whatever weaknesses we discovered in the previous lesson. “ - Trey Hoffman

“Lynda is an absolute gem! I am a total beginner with singing, but her enthusiasm and sincerity took away the nerves and led to very fun classes that I always looked forward to. Give her a try!” - Ryan

“Lessons with Lynda have helped me find my true singing voice, and gain confidence to present myself as a singer, not just a dancer” - Karma Jenkins

“Being a dancer first, Lynda has really helped me build my confidence when asked to sing at an audition.” - Hayley Amber Kirschenbaum